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Visual Identity

Visual identity is the face of your brand. It is a combination of styling, colours and fonts, carefully selected and relied upon to manifest the brand. The immediate goal of visual identity is to make an impression, to create associations and to bond customers to your company and/or its products. It is a key communication tool for successful endeavors.


1-4 weeks

*Starting price

What you will get:

Visual Identity

  • Logo design: primary logo, logo mark, combination mark.

  • Typography.

  • Colours.

  • Stationery - business card, letterhead, envelope.

  • Usage examples and guidelines: logo, typography, colours, social media, web page, photography.

  • Visual identity book.

  • Brand Naming, if desired or nonexistent.

Estimated time-frame:

  • 1-4 weeks

How things happen:

Pre-briefing and discussion

  • We begin our correspondence, pinning down your ideas, needs and expectations.

  • After defining the project, you send a deposit for us to book and commence our craft.

  • We prepare and forward you a detailed questionnaire. Its purpose is to get as much as possible insight about the brand you envision. Is it new or already established? Questions include: “What are your USPs? - What sets you apart from the competition? - Who is your target audience?”, etc. Also we‘d like to know your preferences about the logo design, if you lean towards specific colours and so on. If you have a moodboard to share, then great – now is the perfect time.

It would be helpful if we can rely on filled out questionnaire within 5 working days.

  • We will carefully read, extract the essence and model your visual identity accordingly.

  • In case you need assistance with brand or company naming, we proceed with three initial name variants and if needed, followed by up to two rounds of revisions.

Naming proposals are usually ready in 3-5 working days after we’ve got your filled questionnaire.

Creation phase

Visual identity

  • Logo discovery – work here begins by forming a monochome logo and its variations. You will receive three separate boards containing original, brand relevant logo designs. If desired, you have the opportunity to ask for up to two rounds of revisions.

Expect these initial logo variations in 5-8 working days after we’ve got the completed questionnaire. Should you decide to expand the reasoning behind the graphics, our Brand identity or Total branding services are available.

  • The monochrome logo is ready and approved and our work continues with colour palette. Again, we prepare three well curated boards. Colour choices depend on what we’ve learned from the questionnaire and are based on general colour symbolism. You have the option to ask for specific colours to be added/removed/combined. Typography is also getting selected at this stage.

  • Logo completion time frame depends on your response time and the amount of requested revisions. This observation applies to every aspect of the creation phase. There are cases when clients directly pick one of the initial designs without any revisions. In other circumstances, clients request one or two rounds of revisions which stretch the completion a bit.

  • In the meantime, your Book is being prepared, utilizing appropriate formatting and styling, relying on approved colours and typography.

  • Next step is to finalize your visual identity: stationery, social media, web page, photography and their respective usage examples in digital environment.

  • Before completion, you have the opportunity to confirm all assets.

Last Steps

  • Visual identity book is complete and with it the Creation phase ends.

  • After receiving your affirmation, we then anticipate the final payment.

Delivery form

  • Visual identity book in PDF: approximately 20 pages; print-ready format plus preview files.

  • Tailored logo design in: AI, TIFF, JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, SVG; for print and web.

  • Stationery and other supporting digital materials; ready-to-print and web preview.

  • Related fonts and some presentation mockups.


Payment Breakdown

50% Starting Deposit

  • Required to confirm the project and get us started on it.

50% Final Payment

  • Due after the Creation phase is over. Artwork, digital materials and copyright will be transferred to you after we receive the funds.

Sending everything your way could take up to 3 working days after receiving final payment.

Alternative manner

100% upfront

  • You may prefer to pay the full amount upfront, as a single fee. If you choose this approach, there will be a 10% discount of your invoice value.

You can expect all assets to be transferred as soon as they are ready and confirmed.

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