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Total Branding

Total Branding is everything your brand needs on its path to success. This suite covers both Visual Identity and Core Strategy, carefully thought and tailored to capture the essence of your brand and convey to the public in the best possible way. The purpose of Total Branding is to shape and structure a business' image from start to finish, and rely on that masterful representation to attain customers and promote products and services.

The Total Branding Package is a complete suite, fundamental for creating a novel brand or rejuvenating an existing one, elevating its presence across all touchpoint and formats. Each component of this all-in-one package is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, infusing cohesion, aesthetics and narrative for synergy and success.

£3100 | €3650 | $3950

*Starting price

4-8 weeks


Logo Design

  • Main Logo / Combination Mark: The centerpiece of your brand's visual identity, this versatile logo combines both text and iconography to efficiently represent your brand.

  • Secondary Logo(s): Alternative logo versions tailored for different applications or spaces where the main logo may not be suitable, providing brand consistency.

  • Symbol / Monogram: A simplified icon or set of initials that encapsulate your brand’s essence, perfect for social media icons or app logos, or for making a mark.

  • Logotype: A thoughtfully designed text-only version of your brand logo, focusing on unique typography to convey your brand's personality in just a glance.

Logo Usage

  • Logo Clearzone: Guidelines specifying the minimum space around the logo to ensure its visibility and impact, avoiding clutter and enhancing legibility.

  • Logo Don’ts: A set of instructions on what not to do with the logo, preventing misuse or misinterpretations that could dilute or spoil your brand identity.


  • Primary Palette: The main colors representing your brand, selected to match its essence and used most prominently in all branding materials.

  • Secondary Palette: Additional colors that complement the primary palette, adding depth and flexibility to your brand’s visual language.

  • Color Match: Exact color specifications (Pantone, CMYK, RGB, Hex) for consistent reproduction across digital and print mediums.


  • Primary Typeface: The leading typeface used in your brand communications, selected for its alignment with your brand's tone and personality.

  • Secondary Typeface: A complementary typeface that works in harmony with the primary typeface, used for conveying certain information.

  • Hierarchy: Directions on how to use the typefaces effectively, establishing a clear scale in brand materials for readability and emphasis.


  • Business Card: Design of a professional business card that elegantly carries your brand's identity into desirable networking.

  • Envelope: Custom eye-catching envelopes that make every piece of correspondence feel like an extension of your brand.

  • Letterhead: A branded letterhead design for official documents, enhancing the professionalism of your communications.

Social Media

  • Visual Communication Examples: Templates or examples for posts, stories and profile branding that ensure social media channels effectively convey your brand identity.


  • Brand Style Examples: A curated set of imagery, photography or iconography that exemplifies your brand essence, style and mood, guiding the visual content creation.

Webpage Preview

  • Desktop: A preview of your brand's web design optimized for desktop viewing, showcasing how the visual identity translates to a larger screen.

  • Tablet: Adaptations of the web design that ensure seamless and functional viewing on tablet devices, maintaining brand consistency.

  • Mobile: A mobile-optimized design preview, focusing on responsiveness and on-the-go user experience to engage your audience.

About Us

  • Story: Crafting a compelling narrative that captures the essence of your brand's journey, values and the "why" behind its creation.

  • Products / Services: A detailed description of what you offer, highlighting features, benefits and the value they bring to your customers.


  • Positioning: Establishing your brand's unique stance in the market relative to competitors, emphasizing what sets you apart.

  • Vision: Outlining a future-focused statement that describes what your brand aspires to achieve or become in the long run.

  • Mission: A declaration of your brand’s core purpose and operational focus, detailing how you intend to meet your customer's needs and vision.

  • Promise: A commitment statement ensuring the value and quality your brand pledges to deliver to its customers consistently.


  • Taglines: Creating memorable phrases that capture the essence of your brand, offering a quick snapshot of your identity.

  • Short & Long Term Goals: Setting clear, achievable objectives that guide your brand's strategy and growth over different time periods.

  • Target Industry & Audience: Identifying the specific sector your brand operates in and defining the demographics, psychographics and behaviors of your intended customers.

  • Sales Strategy & Customer Attraction: Outlining methods and channels to reach, convert and keep your target audience as loyal customers.

  • Keywords: Selecting pivotal words or phrases related to your brand and industry, crucial for SEO and branding consistency.

  • Unique Selling Point (USP):** Defining what makes your brand distinctively valuable to your customers, setting you apart from competitors.

Voice & Image

  • Character: Crafting a brand personality that reflects how your brand behaves and interacts with its audience.

  • Tone: The emotional inflection applied across your brand communications, ensuring it aligns with your character and audience's expectations.

  • Language: Choosing a style of language that resonates with your target audience, whether it be professional, casual, technical or playful.

  • Purpose: Clarifying the underlying intent behind your brand's voice and image, ensuring it supports your overall brand strategy and objectives.

Estimated time-frame

  • 4-8 weeks

Delivery form

  • Brand Guidelines book in PDF*: 40+ pages; print-ready format plus preview files.

  • Associated logo design in AI, TIFF, JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, SVG; for print and web.

  • Supporting digital materials; ready-to-print and web preview.

  • Related fonts and presentation mockups.

*Brand Guidelines come by default in A4 landscape format, suitable for print and web, or in 1080p, fit for digital browsing only.


Payment Breakdown

50% Starting Deposit

  • Required to confirm the project and get us started on it.

50% Final Payment

  • Due after the end of creation phase. Artwork, digital materials and copyright will be transferred to you after payment is cleared.

Sending everything your way could take up to 3 working days after final payment is done.

Alternative manner

100% Upfront

  • An option to pay the full amount as a single fee before project starts. If you choose this approach, there will be a 10% discount off the service value.

You can expect all assets to be transferred as soon as they are ready and approved.

  • What is Mariya Design?
    Mariya Design is a design studio providing high-quality services for diversified international clientele, covering most design spheres and focusing on brand identity, strategy, and packaging.
  • Who is behind Mariya Design?
    It is me, Mariya, the founder of Mariya Design. I hold a Master's degree in Arts and bring along more than a decade of experience, skills and know-how in design and project management.
  • How do I ensure the quality of my work?
    The quality comes as a result of rigorous thinking and precise execution, of multiple review stages, and of me always considering vital design principles.
  • Do I follow any specific design standards or methodologies?
    I keep up-to-date with trends and adhere to contemporary design, ensuring my work is always prominent, aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective.
  • Does Mariya Design specialize in any particular type of brand or industry?
    While I have a broad range of experience in virtually all design fields, I particularly excel in consumer goods, tech services, and lifestyle products.
  • Am I interested in working with niche brands?
    Absolutely, I love working with niche brands, tailoring my services to their unique challenges.
  • How can you start a project with Mariya Design?
    Contact me through my website form or by email. I’ll be quick to reply and discuss your ideas, objectives, and goals.
  • Is there a consultation fee?
    Initial consultation is free. This deliberation allows me to understand your needs and provide timeline and quote for the potential project.
  • How do I collaborate with clients in different time zones?
    I use various communication, comment and file sharing tools, ensuring seamless collaboration regardless of time differences, locations, and schedules.
  • Do I book and participate in calls?
    No, I do not do calls. For clarity, professionalism and ease of mind, my entire communication process with a client goes through written form of correspondence.
  • What services do I offer?
    My services include, but are not limited to: Visual Identity and Brand Strategy, Stationery and Web Design, Packaging and Product Design, and much more, each tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.
  • Can I handle projects for international clients?
    Absolutely! I have significant experience working with clients from every continent, some of which represent world-renowned brands, and am able to fulfill projects for existing, established businesses and companies.
  • Do I work with startups?
    With pleasure! For me, discussing and shaping up an original idea, forming a brand around it and developing everything to a range of products and services for the general public is a journey which I enjoy partaking.
  • How do I approach a new project?
    My approach is personalized and collaborative. I start by carefully examining your needs to form a solid understanding. Then the creation phase follows. It is where the task at hand is worked upon meticulously, in order to produce your expected goals.
  • What is the typical timeline for a project?
    The timeline varies greatly, based on individual project' scope and complexity. Some take days, other may need weeks. After a preliminary consultation, I am able to provide a more or less precise estimation of the time needed for your project completion.
  • How often will clients receive status updates about their project?
    Regular status updates are provided at key project phases and milestones, plus I am usually available for specific information upon request.
  • Is there anything I need to do before we start the project?
    You have to fill a questionnaire that will be provided by Mariya Design. It is a crucial element in order to craft your project as good as possible.
  • After the filled questionnaire, can I only participate with basic reviews at segments or milestones and entirely leave the design part to you?
    Yes, you can. Some clients wish to be involved in their projects, others prefer to delegate the entire creative process to me. I am concordant either way.
  • How is pricing determined for services?
    Pricing is generally project-specific, based on scope, complexity, and duration. Detailed quote is provided after the initial consultation. I offer fixed-price services as well, which cover an exact number of design elements. There is also an option to work by the hour on a set rate.
  • What payment methods do I accept?
    I accept local UK and international bank transfers, PayPal and Revolut. Specific payment details are discussed during the preliminary phase. There is some flexibility potential, as I am open to define milestones for your project and be remunerated with installments for reaching them.
  • How involved can clients be in the design process?
    Client involvement is crucial for achieving the desired results. I ensure you are connected to the project at every stage, aligning the final deliverables with your stated vision. Some clients prefer to be less involved in the process, I respect every wish for that matter.
  • What if clients need changes or revisions?
    I welcome client feedback. There are usually fixed amount of revisions for each package to ensure your complete satisfaction with the final results. If the number is deemed insufficient, you are able to get additional revisions either at fixed price or by booking time by my hourly rate.
  • What if clients need to adjust the project scope mid-way?
    I am flexible to accommodate scope adjustments, although with certain changes in timeline and agreed payment, if deemed necessary.
  • How do I handle constructive feedback or criticism from clients?
    Constructive feedback is an opportunity for improvement and I normally make the necessary adjustments to meet expectations.
  • Do I work with other agencies or freelancers?
    Usually no, but should the need arise, I am able to collaborate with a network of trusted professionals when their expertise adds value to a project.
  • Do I offer support after project completion?
    Yes, I offer post-project support to ensure your brand continues to thrive and evolve even after our work is done. If my service packages are beyond the scope of your specific needs, we can discuss a fixed remuneration. I am also able to work by the hour and charge you by my hourly rate.
  • Do I conduct any post-project analysis or reviews?
    Such analysis is useful to evaluate success and identify areas for future improvement. If not included in your project scope, it is charged separately.
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