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CGI Visual / Render

Your brand is due to launch novel merchandise? Maybe you need a creative packaging visualization for these new products? Probably you would like to showcase imposingly for immediate impact among targeted audience. This service lets you save time and money, also helps to actively advertise the products even before they are physically available.


5-15 days

*Starting price

What you will get:

CGI 3D render

  • Personalized 3D rendered product visuals.

  • Standard 3D model. (box, can).

  • Plain background (no objects).

Important clarification

  • Starting price covers 3D rendering of non-complex products.

  • Please note this service does not include 3D source files.

  • Logo design is not part of the rendering work, neither is packaging design.

If there is a need to work on complex shapes and/or complex scenes, let us know beforehand. Complex product and/or background can be added into the project for additional fee. Also, in case visual identity and/or packaging design are required, you are welcome to book.

Estimated time-frame

  • 5-15 days

Completion schedule depends on your response time and number of required alterations.

How things happen:

Pre-briefing and discussion

  • We begin our correspondence, pinning down your ideas, needs and expectations.

  • After defining the project, you send a deposit for us to book and commence our craft.

  • We prepare and forward you a detailed questionnaire for insight and guidance.

  • If you have a moodboard to share, then great – now is the perfect time. PDF, JPG, GIF, Pinterest and other web links, everything goes.

It would be helpful if we can rely on filled out questionnaire within 1-2 working days.

  • We will carefully read, extract the essence and model your CGI 3D render accordingly.

Creation phase

360 loop animation

  • Work here begins by preparing an preliminary design.

  • Your input and feedback is incorporated by up to two revisions.

  • Based on everything above, we come up with one final design.

Last steps

  • CGI 3D render is complete and with it the Creation phase ends.

  • After receiving your affirmation, we then anticipate the final payment.

Delivery form

  • Files optimized for web: JPG, PNG.

  • Files optimized for print: PDF, JPG, TIFF, PSD.

The default file format is A4. For different dimensions, please let us know in advance.


Payment breakdown

50% Starting deposit

  • Required to confirm the project and get us started on it.

50% Final payment

  • Due after the Creation phase is over. Artwork, digital materials and copyright will be transferred to you after we receive the funds.

Sending everything your way could take up to 3 working days after receiving final payment.

Alternative manner

100% Upfront

  • You may prefer to pay the full amount upfront, as a single fee. If you choose this approach, there will be a 10% discount of your invoice value.

You can expect all assets to be transferred as soon as they are ready and confirmed.

If your request is urgent and needs faster than the usual completion, then 100% upfront payment is a mandatory condition.

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