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Brand Identity

Brand identity is the soul of your brand. It reveals the mission, vision and promise, justifies brand’s existence, marks its goals and declares the way to achieve them. All these values serve as guidelines to employees and to attract customers, raising awareness and forming loyalty through a distinct brand definition that is captivating to the target group.


2-4 weeks

*Starting price

What you will get:

Brand Identity

  • Three look-and-feel visual moodboards.

  • About us: story, product.

  • Definition: positioning, vision, mission, promise.

  • Characteristics: taglines, short & long term goals, target industry & audience, user’s range & attracting customers, keywords & USP.

  • Voice & image: character, tone, language, purpose.

  • Brand identity book.

  • Brand naming, if desired or nonexistent.

Estimated time-frame:

  • 2-4 weeks

How things happen:

Pre-briefing and discussion

  • We begin our correspondence, pinning down your ideas, needs and expectations.

  • After defining the project, you send a deposit for us to book and commence our craft.

  • We prepare and forward you a detailed questionnaire. Its purpose is to get as much as possible insight about the brand you envision. Is it new or already established? Questions include: “What are your USPs? - What sets you apart from the competition? - Who is your target audience?”, etc. If you desire specific words and/or phrases to be present in your Brand identity book, now is the time to let us know. If you happen to have a moodboard or prepared a text, then please share it with us.

It would be helpful if we can rely on filled out questionnaire within 5 working days.

  • We will carefully read, extract the essence and model your brand identity accordingly.

  • In case you need assistance with brand or company naming, we proceed with three initial name variants and if needed, followed by up to two rounds of revisions.

Naming proposals are usually ready in 3-5 working days after we’ve got your filled questionnaire.

Creation phase

Brand Identity

  • We lift-off by preparing three look-and-feel moodboards as basic graphical style for you to pick from.

If a tailored visual approach is required, then our Visual Identity or Total Branding services will cover that aspect in-depth.

  • Next is to lay the brand identity foundation, namely About us: story and product.

  • Once done, we continue with brand definition - positioning, vision, mission, promise. These statements are the cornerstone of a successful brand and understandably important.

  • In the meantime, your book is being prepared, utilizing appropriate formatting and styling, relying on suitable colours and typography.

  • We then focus on the rest of brand characteristics: tag lines, short & long term goals, target industry & audience, user’s age range & attracting customers, keywords & USPs. Also: character, tone, language, purpose, which depict the way your brand communicates.

  • Of course, you are welcome to add/remove/propose text in these sections, in up to two rounds of revisions.

  • Before completion, you have the opportunity to confirm all assets.

Last Steps

  • Brand identity book is complete and with it the Creation phase ends.

  • After receiving your affirmation, we then anticipate the final payment.

Delivery form

  • Brand identity book in PDF: approximately 30 pages; print-ready format plus preview files.


Payment Breakdown

50% Starting Deposit

  • Required to confirm the project and get us started on it.

50% Final Payment

  • Due after the Creation phase is over. Artwork, digital materials and copyright will be transferred to you after we receive the funds.

Sending everything your way could take up to 3 working days after receiving final payment.

Alternative manner

100% upfront

  • You may prefer to pay the full amount upfront, as a single fee. If you choose this approach, there will be a 10% discount of your invoice value.

You can expect all assets to be transferred as soon as they are ready and confirmed.

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