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TrueSHIELD's Gen Z-Centric Branding with Packaging Design



TrueSHIELD aims to empower individuals with knowledge and resources to make informed decisions about substance consumption. Targeting individuals aged 18-45, TrueSHIELD focuses on those with a college education who value a health-conscious lifestyle. The branding strategy incorporates a sophisticated logo, versatile typography, and a color guide. Packaging design uses the color guide to create visually appealing products, while imagery showcases active, health-conscious individuals. Consistent application of the branding strategy across touchpoints creates a cohesive and recognizable brand identity. Stationery and print materials adhere to the brand's color guidelines and typography. Overall, TrueSHIELD's branding strategy connects with the target audience and promotes a healthier, more aware lifestyle.



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TrueSHIELD is on a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources they need to make informed decisions regarding substance consumption. By bridging the educational gap on the adverse effects of commonly consumed substances like nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and energy drinks, TrueSHIELD aims to minimize health risks and enhance the well-being of people. The core of TrueSHIELD’s philosophy is to provide comprehensive insights into the matter, coupled with effective natural supplementation solutions, to mitigate the negative impacts of such vices, thereby fostering a healthier lifestyle.

Target Consumer

TrueSHIELD's primary audience encompasses individuals aged 18-45, with a focus on those who have received college education and reside in the United States and Canada. Such demographic regularly consumes nicotine, alcohol, cannabis and energy drinks, but remains committed to an active, health-conscious lifestyle. They value workouts, balanced diets, and consider the quality of the substances they consume, with preferences leaning towards non-GMO, gluten-free and transparently sourced products, preferably natural with low or absent sugar content. Social media serves as their main avenue for discovering new supplements and healthy solutions while staying abreast of the latest wellness trends.

Logo Design

The TrueSHIELD logo is a sophisticated typography blend of two styles and fonts. Word "True" in “Playfair Display” is meant to project elegance and timelessness, and word "Shield" in “Proxima Nova Bold” serves to communicate strength and reliability. This combination is meant to reflect the brand’s commitment to natural supplements and modern knowledge, underlining its dual focus on historical wellness wisdom and contemporary scientific advancement. The TrueSHIELD logo represents the brand by favoring both tradition and modernity, extracting the positives and negating the negatives.


The primary typography relies upon “Proxima Nova” for its modern, sans-serif clarity and upon “Playfair Display” for its classic, serif elegance. This thoughtful font amalgam ensures readability across various platforms, from digital interfaces to print materials, further embodying the brand's dynamic and accessible nature. Such versatility is very useful when it comes to the target audience and grants numerous options for communicating brand’s messages.

Color Guide

  • Main Palette:

    • Metallic Pink (#F7ACBE): Symbolizes compassion and a nurturing spirit, resonating with the brand’s caring approach to consumer health.

    • Yankees Blue (#1D243F): Represents reliability and strength, reinforcing the trustworthiness of TrueSHIELD products.

    • Sea Serpent (#4ec6e2): Evokes a sense of calm and clarity, mirroring the brand's commitment to transparency and purity.

  • Secondary Palette:

    • Carrot Orange (#ED8C22): Conveys enthusiasm and creativity, encouraging innovative health solutions.

    • Pastel Gray (#CACDC1): Offers a neutral backdrop, ensuring the more vibrant colors stand out while maintaining a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

    • White (#ffffff): Signifies purity and simplicity, aligning with the brand’s focus on clean, healthful products.

Packaging Design

TrueSHIELD’s packaging design leverages the color guide to create visually appealing and identifiable products that stand out on shelves and online platforms. The primary Metallic Pink attracts attention, while details in Yankees Blue and Sea Serpent convey trust and serenity. Information is clearly presented using brand's tailored typography, ensuring that consumers can easily recognize the brand and understand the benefits and ingredients of each product.


Imagery used in TrueSHIELD’s branding focuses on active, health-conscious individuals engaging in a variety of wellness activities. These images are vibrant, full of life, and reflective of brand's target demographic’s mindset, interests, and values. All brand visuals emphasize the joy and vitality that come through balanced supplementation and healthy lifestyle, further solidified and tangibly accessible by the use of TrueSHIELD products.

Usage Examples

TrueSHIELD showcases its branding across diverse touchpoints, including through purposeful digital marketing, publications in social media platforms, the visuals of product packaging and in-store displays. The goal is to have the brand strategy consistently applied, to create a cohesive and recognizable brand identity that resonates with target audience, driving engagement and loyalty.

Stationery & Print

The stationery and print materials, such as business cards, letterheads, brochures and promotional items, adhere to the brand’s color guidelines and typography. They are an elegant element that is intended to further the impact of brand’s identity and to effectively communicate the brand and its products, ensuring a professional and consistent appearance thorough all consumer interactions.


TrueSHIELD's branding strategy is carefully designed to connect the brand with its target audience on a fundamental level. Its approach is realistic to accept the indulgement of certain vices, but nullify the negatives by natural supplementation, together with a strong commitment to personal health and wellness, thus promoting a lifestyle of choice. Through its unique brand identity and corresponding visual representation, TrueShield stands out as a brand that not only understands its consumers' needs, but also provides them with a solution for a healthier, more aware lifestyle.

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