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Tame Nutrition Successful Total Branding: Case Study



Tame Nutrition engaged Mariya Design to develop their comprehensive branding. This project included extensive market research, alignment with the founder's vision, and crafting key elements such as the logo, color palette, and typography. Efforts also focused on defining the target audience and establishing a messaging framework that positioned Tame Nutrition as a convenient and innovative choice. Detailed guidelines for logo use, colors, typography, and imagery were established to ensure consistent branding across all platforms.

Tame Nutrition Ltd.


Health & Beauty, Nutrition & Wellness




Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Mockups, Brand Guidelines


Tame Nutrition LTD, founded by David Tame and Rita Eckensweiler, embarked on a journey to create a distinctive brand identity, strategy, and comprehensive guidelines to establish itself as a leading provider of premium sports nutrition supplements in the UK and beyond.

Discovery and Research

Understanding the Market

An in-depth market research was conducted to identify gaps in the sports nutrition sector, specifically targeting busy individuals with fast-paced lifestyles.

Founder's Vision

Personal experiences, ideas, and vision of David Tame and Rita Eckensweiler were studied to align the brand with their passion for quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Brand Identity Development:

Logo Creation

We designed a logo to reflect and emanate the brand's commitment to bring efficiency, novelty, convenience into sports nutrition.

The diligent creative process ensured TAME's logo resonates with brand ethos and that it matches the founder's vision.

Color Palette Selection

Carefully curated a color palette, incorporating Pale Brown, Wheat, and Activated Charcoal as primary colors, and Star Dust, Tiber, and Sanguine Brown as secondary colors, reflecting the brand's natural and dynamic essence.


A modern, clean font was chosen - Josefin Sans, one that communicates professionalism and readability, contributing to a cohesive visual identity.

Packaging Design

Sachets and Bottles

Designed sachet packaging with a minimalist yet vibrant approach, featuring the brand logo prominently and utilizing the chosen color palette to denote product variations.

Bottle design focused on functionality and aesthetics, incorporating tactile elements for easy handling and on-the-go consumption while maintaining brand consistency.

Eco-Friendly Materials

Prioritized sustainable packaging materials to align with Tame Nutrition's commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing brand credibility and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Renders and Visuals

Prioritized sustainable packaging materials to align with Tame Nutrition's commitment to environmental responsibility, enhancing brand credibility and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Brand Strategy Formulation

Target Audience Identification

We defined the target audience as active individuals with hectic schedules and aimed to offer them convenient and effective nutrition solutions.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

A compelling USP was proposed, emphasizing Tame Nutrition's dedication to innovation, premium quality, and sustainability in its product offerings, positioning the brand as the obvious choice for supplementation on-the-move.

Messaging Framework

Developed a messaging framework that communicates understanding towards the challenges faced by the target audience and offers a solution to their needs.

Guidelines Book Creation

Logo Usage Guidelines

Issued specific guidelines for logo placement, proportions, and clear zones to ensure proper and consistent application along with logo don'ts.

Color Utilization

Detailed instructions were formed on the correct way to use primary and secondary colors across various brand materials to maintain a cohesive visual identity.

Typography Guidelines

Provided a comprehensive guide on font choices, styles, and usage, ensuring uniformity in all brand communications.

Imagery and Visual Elements

Outlined guidelines for selecting and creating further visuals that align with the brand identity, focusing on the active lifestyle and quality of supplementation.

Delivery Form

Here is what David received upon the completion of Tame Nutrition’s branding:

  • Brand book in PDF: 58 original content pages.

  • Tailored logo design in: AI, TIFF, JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF, SVG; for print and web.

  • Brand document and supporting digital materials; for print and web.

  • Related fonts and several bespoke presentation mockups.


Tame Nutrition's Brand Identity, Strategy, and Guidelines Book encapsulates a meticulous process of discovery, design, and strategic planning. By aligning the brand with founders' vision and goals, and by addressing the needs of its target audience with quality products, Tame Nutrition is established itself as a trusted and reliable choice in the sports nutrition market, especially for hectic personal schedules and on-the-move nutrition. The comprehensive guidelines serve as a roadmap for consistent and effective brand communication across all touchpoints, current and potential.


Thank you for staying with me thus far! In the meantime, you know where to find me for your design-related need. See you soon and good luck!

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