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Bio-ReCell Brand Guidelines and Packaging: Case Study



Bio-ReCell collaborated with Mariya Design to enhance its brand presence and establish a cohesive visual identity. The project included logo refinement, color palette adjustments, typography selection, web application design, stationery and print development, imagery creation, and packaging design. The outcome was a comprehensive brand book and packaging that effectively communicate Bio-ReCell's mission and promote its novel technologies.



Skincare & Medical




Brochure Design, Brand Guidelines, Rebranding

Background: Bio-ReCell, a pioneering company in the field of cell and gene therapies, embarked on a journey to enhance its brand presence and establish a cohesive visual identity. They provided a logo and colors, offering a starting point for the creative process, which is one of the routes to begin a branding collaboration.

Objective: The primary goal was to develop a comprehensive brand book and packaging design that align with Bio-ReCell's mission and purpose. A complete identity has to effectively communicate their unique selling point and promote brand’s novel technologies. Soon after completing the survey, Mariya Design’s magic began.


Logo Refinement:

  • As a recognized company, client preferred to retain the existing logo for continuity and connection to the brand.

  • I, however, ensured its scalability and adaptability across various platforms, providing necessary usage guidelines.

Color Palette:

  • Incorporated the existing colors, maintaining brand recognition and adaptability, as with the logo.

  • In order for improvement, subtle adjustments were introduced to enhance visual appeal and consistency.


  • We deliberated and decided that “Manifold CF” and “Josefin Sans” fonts best reflect the company's innovative and professional image.

  • Then guidelines were established for font, typeface and hierarhy utilization for consistency across all communication channels.

Web Application:

  • My goal was to seamlessly integrate brand’s web design into the brand guidelines.

  • It ensures responsiveness and intuitivity in desktop and mobile formats, one that aligns with Bio-ReCell's tech-driven identity.

Stationery & Print:

  • Developed the visual identity into a unified stationery set, reinforcing brand’s recognition across physical touchpoints.

  • Specific print guidelines were also established for consistency in the physical presentation of marketing materials.


  • I was keen to propose a visual language and iconography that align with Bio-ReCell's positioning and futuristic essence.

  • It emphasized the humane aspect, showcasing the beneficial impact of brand’s therapies whilst evoking emotions into consumers.


  • Crafted Bio-ReCell’s main packaging design and its variations, equally focused on functionality and aesthetics.

  • The provided logo and colors were blended into this novel packaging design, elevating brand’s products appeal while keeping them recognizable.

Brand Book Content:

  1. Logo:

    • Detailed specifications on logo utilization, variations, clear space and sizing.

  2. Colors:

    • Comprehensive color palette with HEX codes, logo colors and usage guidelines.

  3. Typography:

    • Fontface and typeface selection, guidelines for headers, body text, additional textual elements.

  4. Web Application:

    • Web design for ease-of-use, promoting innovation and maintaining brand consistency on all digital platforms.

  5. Stationery & Print:

    • Tailored templates for business cards, brochures and other print materials, extending brand’s visual presence beyond the digital realm.

  6. Imagery:

    • Instructions for the use of visual language, image selection and advertising to maintain a cohesive, conveying and desirable visual narrative.

  7. Packaging:

    • Presentation, unfold and specifications for proprietary packaging design, ensuring an elevated brand perception on its physical products.


The collaboration between Bio-ReCell and Mariya Design resulted in cohesive, discerning brand identity. Tailored packaging design was crafted, and not only Bio-ReCell's provided elements were incorporated, but it also elevated brand’s presentability and attractiveness. The brand book that came as a result of the creation phase serves as a comprehensive guide, empowering Bio-ReCell’s essence to be consistently communicated in any environment. Their mission, purpose and USP are now accessible across various channels, fostering trust and recognition towards this innovative company and its technologically advanced products.

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