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Health & Beauty, Nutrition & Wellness

TrueSHIELD is an American start-up brand that is aimed at empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions regarding substance consumption and countering substance negative effects by offering potent natural supplementation solutions.

The goal of Mariya Design was to create a total brand identity and packaging that correspond with brand's ethics, values and mission. Brand name was provided by the client, along with general directions, and everything else came up as a result of our creativity.

TrueSHIELD's branding is designed to connect with target audience on a fundamental level. Realistic to accept the indulgence of certain vices, offsetting their negatives by natural supplementation. With commitment to health and wellness, a lifestyle of choice is promoted.




Brand Identity, Brand Guidelines, Packaging Design, Mockups, 3D Rendering, Logo Design, Logo Guidelines, Visualizations, Corporate Identity, Brand Book

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