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Tame Nutrition


Tame Nutrition Ltd.


Health & Beauty, Nutrition & Wellness

Tame Nutrition LTD, founded by David Tame and Rita Eckensweiler, embarked on a journey to create a total brand identity, plus original product packaging, to establish itself as a leading provider of premium and convenient sports nutrition supplements in the UK and beyond.

Mariya Design had to craft а total brand identity from start to finish, reflecting founders' vision and as usual, adhering to high quality design. Brand's product packaging underscores the premium nutrition inside, offering a convenient format for on-the-move supplementation.

Tame Nutrition's branding encapsulates a meticulous process of discovery, planning, and design. Aligning founders' vision and goals, and addressing the needs of target audience, the brand establishes itself as a trusted and reliable choice in the sports nutrition market.




Brand Identity, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Mockups, Brand Guidelines

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