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Common Care


Common Care


Health & Beauty, Skincare & Medical

Common Care. A North American wellness accessories brand, one that creates products catering to the diverse beauty needs of all individuals. Holistic wellness is their motto. Enhancing and celebrating natural beauty by encouraging customers to feel confident with minimal effort is their goal.

Mariya Design was selected as the best answer for their immediate branding needs. Common Care's visual identity was not streamlined and applicable to a full extend, so it needed to be reworked and pushed to the next level. They asked for a brand deck as well, and soon got it.

Project ended with all goals met for the client. Common care uplifted their brand identity and it now corresponds to their top standards. The result was improved recognition and marketability, ensuring their high quality, innovative accessories are easily available to everyone.




Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Brand Book, Visual Identity

Case Study:

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